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How can vaping affect your lungs?

An increased risk of coughing and wheezing is just the beginning.

Young teenage boy holding a chest and lungs x-ray film scan in front of the body on the wh

Health Effects of Vaping on Your Lungs & Body

Lung Damage:

E-cigarette vapor can cause the buildup of scar tissue in the lungs. This is called popcorn lung. E-cigarette vapor can also increase the risk of bursting and tearing of blisters in the lungs.

Lung Disease:

Vaping has now been linked to several lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These diseases cause breathing problems, long-lasting cough, and chest pain.

Brain Development:

Your brain is still developing until about age 25. Nicotine exposure can interfere with brain development and may cause attention, learning, and mood problems.

Heart Health:

Vaping can harm your blood vessels, which over time could lead to a heart attack.

Brain Health:

Nicotine causes changes in the brain that make you more likely to get addicted to tobacco products and other drugs. In high doses, nicotine is also a poison—children have been harmed or even died from drinking vape liquids.
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