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Vaping can give you headaches. And more.

How can vaping affect your immediate health?

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People who vape are more likely to report headaches or migraines than people who don’t vape.

Brain Function

Vaping can negatively affect your attention, learning, and memory. And the long-term effects of vaping on the brain are still unknown.

Nicotine Toxicity

Too much nicotine can cause  abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and heart palpitations. In some cases, it can lead to seizures.


The high levels of nicotine in vapes can make you feel sick to your stomach and lead to vomiting and stomach pain.

Mental Health & Depression

Vaping can negatively impact your mental health, like making depression symptoms worse.

Anxiety & Irritability

Vaping doesn't reduce anxiety and irritability. Instead, it can make these symptoms worse because of what nicotine does to your body and mind.

Coughing & Wheezing

Like cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapor irritates your lung cells, which can make you cough and wheeze.

Pop Quiz

Test your knowledge when it comes to vapes and how they can impact your health.

True or False?

Vaping makes you cough and wheeze like cigarettes do.


True or False?

Vaping can negatively affect your attention, learning, and memory.


True or False?

Vaping doesn’t benefit your mental health, and it can actually worsen it.

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True or False?

Vaping reduces anxiety and irritability.


True or False?

Vaping can soothe a stomachache.

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